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Our trajectory consolidates us as a benchmark in the sector ¡We are your trusted partner!

The company started in 2019 by sourcing products from different parts of the world and selling to importers in the United States and Argentina. Over time, the business expanded and we have found steady customers throughout Latin America. We started as a simple intermediary between clients and suppliers, and due to the growth we’ve had in such a short time, the company decided to formalize and establish itself as a business.

Our Key Products

We provideconsumer electronics products such as processors, memories, hard drives, headphones, e-book readers, etc. from Hong Kong and China to the United States and Latin America.

First Brands

We have the best catalog as a wholesaler of electronic items

Quality of service

We offer solutions tailored to the requirements of each client


Immediate availability of merchandise.

Product catalog and brands

We have a personalized service to offer advice and technical support when making your purchase

The brands that accompany us

Bringing the latest technology to your door